kyoto guest house kazariya

To our dearest guests

I have been operating “Kazariya” for 12 years with your warm support.
This is the first place I have created in my life.
I’ve made amazing relationship with supportable guests and staff at this place.
I spent almost all my daily life here and I always love those time. It’s my treasure.

Kazariya started when I came across a house for rent which was used to an office of a long-established pharmacy.
I have protected this house with your support by running as a guesthouse.

Keep everything as they were. The same Kyoto, the same Kazariya.
I believe my mission is keeping this house for everyone to be able to come back any time.
I always very happy working with this mission for the last 12 years.
I hope I assumed this role forever.

Now I must tell you a sad news.
2 years before which was the tenth year of the Kazariya, we extended our contract for another 2 years.
But this time we couldn’t extend it anymore so we decided to close the Guest House Kazariya at the end of January.

I apologize my late announcement but I couldn’t make a decision.
Because I have hoped the contract may be extended until the last minute and also I cannot accept the reality that my days here will come to the end.

Although times have completely changed since 12 years ago, I’ve been able to continue Kazariya because I always have your support.
Thank you very much for your warm and helpful support.

I thought this year might be the last year for Kazariya and it turned out to be an unexpected year for everyone.
I regret that many guests including coming from overseas, whom I would have normally met, could not come to Kazariya.
In the very last month, I will face this reality and spend each day with great care, bidding it farewell.

Although I have to say goodbye to the house, the things that make up Kazariya and our staff will have future.
The location will change but our daily lives will continue.
We keep telling you updates on our activities through SNS.

We are planning to renew our current website. It will make you feel the air of Kazariya even if you are far away.

I will continue my efforts while dreaming of a place where we can meet again as a guesthouse.
I would like to ask for your kind support for the sister hostel Tsukiya and Kazariya in the future.

Thank you very much from the bottom of the heart and see you again!

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